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National Opportunity Zones Ranking Report

December 2018

This study creates a “Smart Growth Potential” filter for investors to identify which Opportunity Zones should be prioritized for investment from a triple-bottom-line perspective that can deliver positive economic, environmental, and social returns. Additionally, this study is intended to provide local policymakers and community groups with a policy framework to manage and ensure equitable, inclusive development in Opportunity Zones.

The Economic & Fiscal Impacts of Rock Ventures and the Family of Companies on the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan

December 2017

This analysis focuses on the economic and fiscal impacts of walkable urbanism in redeveloping Downtown Detroit on the State of Michigan and the City of Detroit. These economic and fiscal impacts include “agglomeration effects,” which is the growth due to (1) business and market efficiencies and (2) the opportunities experienced by companies when they co-locate in higher density, walkable urban places.

Somerville Union Square Social Equity Report

September 2017

Measurement is a powerful tool that provides a deeper understanding of existing conditions and proposed changes. Communities who measure their economic and social equity performance are better equipped to manage gentrification and prevent displacement. The social equity scan described in this report includes an evaluation of the current and future social equity conditions of Union Square, and creates a social equity score utilizing performance metrics – transit accessibility, non-car commuting accessibility, job density, location affordability and housing cost burden. The report findings will aid the City of Somerville and Union Square stakeholders in determining to what extent the Union Square Neighborhood Plan and the Somerville Union Square Strategic and Community Benefits Plan, if implemented, will result in improved economic and social equity performance of Union Square.

Bethesda Metro Park Study

October 2016

The report explores the feasibility and benefits of creating a managed park plaza space at the Bethesda Metro Station in Montgomery County, MD.

We explore detailed case studies of the costs and benefits of several comparable park projects including Dilworth Park in Philadelphia, PA; Director Park in Portland, OR; and Fountain Square in Cincinnati, OH.

Somerville Union Square: Strategic Planning and Community Benefits Plan

April 2016

The City of Somerville is on the brink of transformation. From 2012 to 2016, the community has embarked upon major revitalization plan, developed a citywide comprehensive plan, and engaged in a neighborhood planning process that will create over 3-million square feet of new development opportunities in Union Square and Boynton Yards. Development of this scale presents a common dilemma for communities like Somerville who seek to preserve their local character and maintain affordability for their local residents and businesses.

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